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Practitioners in the public and private sector working to lead community and public health efforts are challenged more than ever to have and effectively apply a broad range of internal and external skills, competencies, and capacities in their daily work. From subject matter or settings expertise, internal management and budget oversight, to grant proposal and plan development, and evaluation to name a few - with the added complexity of developing and managing extensive multi-sector, multi-disciplinary and multi-component partnerships - the scope of skills needed for this work are diverse and demanding.

As if mastering these skills and leadership capabilities aren’t enough of a challenge, today’s practitioners are additionally faced with leading community and public health efforts amid ever-changing political landscapes, organizational structures, resources, funding streams, and partners. Whether change involves establishing a relationship with new government officials, re-organizing or integrating program areas, shifting gears with a new grant opportunity or sustaining efforts when there is a gap in funding, practitioners today are juggling the responsibility of leading community change on one hand while having to manage internal and external change on the other. 

As more community and public health initiatives have been launched across the country, there has been a significant increase in the need for support, training, and technical assistance for practitioners to help them accomplish this critically important work. Leverage Points Consulting was created to meet these needs and to work in close partnership with these leaders to help them transform their communities, the health and well-being of their residents, and ultimately, their economy.  

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Leverage Points Consulting, LLC  Indianapolis, IN  317.441.2020
JoEllen (Joey) Vrazel PhD, MA
Leverage Points Consulting, LLC
Indianapolis, IN 

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